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The Boletín de la Red de Estudios de Historia de Empresas (Business History Studies Network Bulletin) is issued every semester in Spanish. Its purpose is to provide virtual information and become a discussion forum for researchers from several fields who are interested in business history. The Bulletin contains two main sections –“Debates” and “Archives”- introducing new issues, topics and sources for the study of business history. It also includes a section on bibliographical reviews and current information on seminars, lectures, publications, dissertations and other field-specific materials.

This last number of the Review carries on with the path begun in 2004. Following the aim of strengthening the Latin American business historians’ community, from 2010 the Editorial Committee included international associates.
We reiterate our interest in receiving your suggestions, comments and contributions for future issues.
We remind you that any request for information or proposals for the Bulletin/Review can be made by sending an email to hempresas@gmail.com
We have now a blog where you can read online or download the Bulletin in PDF format: http://redhistoriaempresas.com.ar
You can also be view online our Bulletins in the webpage of the Asociación Mexicana de Historia Económica (http://www.economia.unam.mx/amhe/publi/red01.html)
Or in the webpage of the Asociación Argentina de Historia Económica (http://www.aahe.fahce.unlp.edu.ar/folder.2006-06-05.9059218921)
Editors: María Inés Barbero (UBA), Andrea Lluch (UNLPam – CONICET), Daniel Moyano (UNT – CONICET) and Patricia Olguín (UNCuyo – CONICET).

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Business History Studies Network Bulletin No. 26 – January/August 2018


The Business History Studies Network (REDHE, by its acronym in Spanish) is pleased to be publishing  the twenty sixth issue of its virtual bulletin. Divided in seven sections, the bulletin presents a thorough review of recent business history publications and events in Latin America.

In the first section, Debates (p. 2), Geoffrey Jones and Rachael Comunale present the extended abstract of their working paper on ‘Business, governments, and political risk in South Asia and Latin America since 1970’.

In this number, two books are reviewed. María Inés Barbero (pp. 3-4) comments on a book by Claudio Belini (2017) on industrialisation in Argentina from independence to 2001. The book studies with a long-term perspective the macroeconomic environment, the industrial policies, the performance and the links between the State and the entrepreneurs, amongst other topics. Salvador Calatayud (pp. 5-7) presents a study on entrepreneurs, companies and agriculture in the North of México by Grijalva et. al. (2017). The review highlights the book’s contribution on the understanding of the agricultural development of the region.

In new publications (pp. 8-11), four books are presented. One about the internationalisation of banks from Spain and Latin America (Díaz et. al., 2017), the history of entrepreneurs and companies in Chile, 1810-2015 (Llorca & Barría, 2017), a book on the ideas on Argentinean economic development (Rougier & Odisio, 2017) and a study on credit in Buenos Aires (Wasserman, 2017).

The section thesis (p. 12), presents one master thesis submitted by Hernando Abelo (Flacso) on the debate, proposal and participation of entrepreneurs and unions on the 1930s and 1940s education reform in Argentina.

Also in this issue, the section resources (p. 13-14) presents the James W. Cortada collection on information technology owned by the Hagley Library and the recent blog on Italian economic history, Poche Storie.

In the section Archives (pp. 15-23), Ilaria Pasotti and Francesca Pino continue discussing the Historical Archives of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, this time emphasizing the existent Sudameris files. To close this bulletin, the editors listed the call for papers and events (pp. 24-32) for the next academic year.

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