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The Boletín de la Red de Estudios de Historia de Empresas (Business History Studies Network Bulletin) is issued every semester in Spanish. Its purpose is to provide virtual information and become a discussion forum for researchers from several fields who are interested in business history. The Bulletin contains two main sections –“Debates” and “Archives”- introducing new issues, topics and sources for the study of business history. It also includes a section on bibliographical reviews and current information on seminars, lectures, publications, dissertations and other field-specific materials.

This last number of the Review carries on with the path begun in 2004. Following the aim of strengthening the Latin American business historians’ community, from 2010 the Editorial Committee included international associates.
We reiterate our interest in receiving your suggestions, comments and contributions for future issues.
We remind you that any request for information or proposals for the Bulletin/Review can be made by sending an email to hempresas@gmail.com
We have now a blog where you can read online or download the Bulletin in PDF format: http://redhistoriaempresas.com.ar
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Or in the webpage of the Asociación Argentina de Historia Económica (http://www.aahe.fahce.unlp.edu.ar)
Editors: María Inés Barbero (UBA), Andrhttp://www.aahe.fahce.unlp.edu.area Lluch (UNLPam – CONICET), Daniel Moyano (UNT – CONICET) and Patricia Olguín (UNCuyo – CONICET).

Here you will find a Summary of the 2004-2011 issues. For more recent issues, consult the following list:

Summary – Business History Studies Network Bulletin No.:

Business History Studies Network Bulletin No. 31 – December 2020


The Business History Studies Network (REHE, by its acronym in Spanish) is pleased to be publishing this thirtieth issue of its virtual bulletin. Divided in seven sections, the bulletin presents a thorough review of this year’s most important publications and events amongst the business history discipline in Latin America.

Ai Hisano (University of Tokio) presents in Debates (pp. 2-4) her recent research on how businesses changed the look of food and managed to involved senses in the industry. Hisao explains the links between capitalism and the senses and its impact in consumption.
In News (pp. 5-8), three books are introduced: Trenes ingleses en Argentina. Monopolio y control estatal (1897-1916) by Mario Justo López (2020); Big Business and Dictatorships in Latin America. A Transnational History of Profits and Repression edited by Victoria Basualdo, Hartmut Berghoff and Marcelo Bucheli (2021); and, Presidentes empresarios y Estados capturados. América Latina en el siglo XXI by Inés Nercesian (2020).

Federica Bertagna (Università degli Studi di Verona) presents in Book reviews (pp. 9-13), two books on FIAT in Latin America, one by Camillo Robertini (2019) and other by Eugenia Scarzanella (2020).

In this issue, the editors listed Call for Papers and Events (pp. 14-19) for the next two academic years. The section on Thesis (p. 20) presents the summary of Victor Pegoraro (Universidad de San Andres) on the construction industry in Mar de Plata from 1930 to 1990. Resources (p. 21-22) presents the Fiduciae Circulars Database website and the network for research on Latin American elites.

To close this bulletin, in Archives (pp. 23-24) introduces the Fondos del Archivo Histórico del Banco de México and the Centro Cultural Manuel Gómez Morin.

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